Zhan Wang

Artist Profile

Artist Zhan Wang used MVRDV's 24 architectural elements and viewed the architectural building blocks as individual artificial rocks from the perspective of a garden planner. He stacked and recreated an image of a Chinese garden arcadia and then created a stainless steel copy of the architectural rock to complete this stunning "JIA SHAN DE WU" a brilliant dialogue between art, architecture, and the concepts of arcadia. Through international masters in crossover art and design fields, MOT/ARTS hopes that the "ART FOR THE MASSES" concept can create new fields of collecting or forms of artwork, as well as provide more diverse faces and possibilities and become a new exchange platform for contemporary art.

Solo Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions

[ZW001] - 假山疊塢
不鏽鋼 雕塑(附書 積木 木箱)
60.5 x 38.5 x 38.8 cm