WU Guanzhong

Artist Profile

Wu Guanchong studied Chinese and Western paintings in art school in China during his early years. After that, he further studied in France about Oil painting. His works well combined with western abstract techniques and Chinese tradition, with the spirit of exploring and practicing the essence of the nationalization of oil paintings and the modernization of Chinese paintings.

Wu created the ink landscape paintings, which are more likely an emotional attachment for him. The work of Scenery of Mount Huang are much more modern than the Chinese traditional freehand brushwork paintings. The colors, lines and rhythm of dots excelled the unity of the form and content. It pulls out Chinese traditional lines, ink and color; as well as the elements of the beauty in real life and in nature, which differs from realism or abstractionism.

Solo Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions

[WGZ-001] 黃山松瀑圖
設色紙本 鏡心 (約1.4 尺)
45 cm H x 34 cm W
82 cm H x 147 cm W
[WGZ-003] 江南屋